:Move Mini Buggy kit - micro:bit

:Move Mini Buggy kit - micro:bit

A simple 2 wheeled robot designed for micro:bit. :Move Mini Buggy Kit is assembled to be movable base for micro:bit. :Move Mini Buggy can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth or by a second micro:bit. :Move Mini Buggy kit includes Servo:Lite board that has 5 programmable LEDs, and has AAA battaries holder.

micro:bit Board is NOT Included

:Move Mini Buggy kit - micro:bit

:Move Mini Buggy Features

  • Good introduction to robotics.
  • Can be programmed for autonomous operation.
  • Can be controlled by a phone App via Bluetooth.
  • Can be controlled by a second micro:bit via radio.
  • Has a pen holder in order to draw shapes.
  • Has 5 programmable LED lights
:Move Mini Buggy Contents

:Move Mini Buggy Contents

  • 1 x Set of chassis parts.
  • 2 x Micro 360 degree continuous rotation Servos with accessories.
  • 1 x Servo:Lite board
  • 2 x Counter sunk M3 6mm screw.
  • 5 x Counter sunk M3 8mm screw.
  • 6 x M2 Pan head steel screw.
  • 6 x M2 Hex Full Width Nut.
  • 3 x AAA Batteries.

:Move Mini Buggy Video

drawing a line Motor Driver Board V2 - micro:bi
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