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OneExpert ONX-580 DSL Boraodband Testing Device

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OneExpert ONX-580 DSL Boraodband Testing Platform

OneExpert test device is designed for testing broadband access and home networks based on xDSL, G.fast, and FTTH systems. ONX-580 DSL has a multitouch screen, user-friendly interface and automated tests.

OneExpert ONX-580 DSL Boraodband Testing Platform

OneExpert ONX-580 Features

  • One button OneCheckTM TDR auto identifies fault types and locations right away
  • Prove the true customer experience with a standardized TrueSpeed™ test (RFC-6349)
  • OneCheckTM automates field tests and simplifies Copper and DSL results to consistently close jobs correctly
  • StrataSync™ cloud-enabled asset and test data management provides visibility for test results and completed tasks and keeps track of used instrument inventory
  • Modular platform scales for new WiFi, fiber, and xDSL technology including VDSL Profile 35b and G.fast
  • OneExpertTM app uses everyday mobile devices for remote control, data enhancements, and connectivity

OneExpert ONX 580 Applications

  • G.fast, VDSL (vectoring and bonding), and ADSL networks
  • Copper, TDR, spectral tests
  • Fiber, wifi, coax, and wiring test and installation
  • Web, video, VoIP, TrueSpeed verification and troubleshooting

OneExpert ONX-580 Home Service + Copper

ONX-580 Powercord Web
FTP Large Bag Glove
Single Pair Copper
Hand Strap Wire Remote
Ethernet Cable Copper/DSL cable  
Modem Sync Application Options  
xDSL (includes Bonded testing option)  
Annex B xDSL  

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