T2 Red Intelligent Heating Cable


Living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, child’s room, conservatories :

  • Top floor: Tiles, parquet, natural stone, laminate, carpet*
  • Sub floor: Cement screed; anhydrite screed, wooden floor, Gypsum board, timber floor board, asphalt screed.

*must be suitable for underfloor heating (maximum resistance to heat transfer 0,15 W/m²K)

What does self-regulating mean?

Raychem self-regulating heating cables automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes. The outer jacket, braid and inner jacket provide mechanical, chemical and electrical protection... but the magic happens in the conductive core. The conductive core is extruded over the two, parallel conductors. As the ambient temperature drops, the core contracts microscopically and the number of electrical paths through the core increases. More heat is produced. Conversely, as the ambient temperature rises, the core expands and has fewer electrical paths. Less heat is produced.


What are the advantages of the smart heating system?

  • Flexible, Simple installation: It can be installed on all sub floors (plastis, concrete, wood, carpets) in dry or wet areas and it can adapted all room sizes. Heating cable can be cut to lenght.
  • Safe: Thanks to its self-regulating effect the cable can be applied under any type of floor surface without a risk on overheating. When needed, the cable can even go over itself (cross over )
  • As floors dry faster in wet areas suck as bathrooms, you avoid build up of fungi, mites, etc.
  • Multi-purpose usage: It can be used alone or with other heating systems as a heating solution.
  • Low operating costs: With self-regulating heating cable and thermostat, power consumption is reduced, the average temperatureof the room will be pulled down two degrees.


Heat radiation from a conventional heating system with radiators. Temperature 18-65 C.



Electrical Underfloor heating system is excellent heating system for home appliances. It creates a uniform heat distribution which is the healtiest heating for human.


Raychem T2 Red Datasheet [PDF, 119.45 KB]
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