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AnodeFlex 500 Cathodic Protection System

Anodeflex 500 is a long-line, flexible, cable-like anode

, which is placed in continuous close proximity to the target structure. Hence, uniform distribution of cathodic protection current is achieved on applications where many conventional anode ground beds do not work. Key to the product’s performance is the central, conductive-polymer coated copper conductor. This unique construction allows current to flow long distances down the center conductor, while allowing sufficient cathodic protection current to continuously pass through the conductive polymer all along the length of the anode. In contrast to conventional CP systems, AnodeFlex 500 is placed in the ground in close proximity to the steel surface to be protected and provides uniform distribution of protective current to each point evenly along the length of the steel surface, maintaining the steel-to-soil "instant-off" potential in the required window of -850mv (-950mv if SRB’s Present) and -1200mv.


The central anode cable is surrounded by high conductivity coke breeze, which is added separately at the time of installation. The improved
current distribution increases anode efficiency and helps prevent over-voltage problems such as hydrogen generation and associated rapid
coating disbondment. In addition, interference to foreign structures is minimized. 


On poorly coated pipelines, where optimal polarization can no longer be achieved, Anodeflex 500 can often be installed as an alternative to
expensive recoating. Both on single and multi-parallel pipelines, safe levels of polarization will be restored at every point. The system avoids
difficult field recoating and greatly reduces environmental disturbance.


The anode is installed the same way as for a standard low voltage cable. AnodeFlex is delivered on easy-to-handle reel spools with sufficient lengths for most applications. Several lengths of the anode can be arranged in simple circuit designs. AnodeFlex can be ploughed in or simply laid in an existing ditch.


AnodeFlex 500 is centrally laid in a 4" x 4" coke breeze backfill in a shallow trench and covered with soil, or the anode and coke breeze may be plougheddirectly into the ground using cable ploughing techniques. In those soil conditions where the coke breeze cannot be maintained around the polymeric cableduring its entire lifetime due to the risk of being washed away, than Anodeflex 1500-01 with pre-packaged coke breeze is recommended. 


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