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LGX Modular Optical Splitter

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LGX Modular Optical Splitter

LGX Modular Optical Splitter

A PON passive fiber optic splitter, used to split one SC-APC optical input into 2, 4 or 64 outputs. Furukawa LGX modular optical splitter is balanced and divides the power of the optical signal equally; it also comes pre-connectorized and ready for plug-and-play usage.

LGX Modular Optical Splitter Details

Construtive Characteristics
Dimensions Width 101.5 mm x Height 29.5 mm x Depth 129.6 mm Color Black
Optical adapter  SC
Polish type  APC
Splitter type  1x2  1x4  1x8
Maximum insertion loss (dB)  3.7  7.1  10.5
Uniformity (dB)  0.5  0.6  1
Maximum polarization dependent loss (PDL) (dB)  0.2  0.2  0.23
Directivity  > 55dB
Return Loss  > 55dB
Optical Bandwidth PLC: 1260~1650 nm
FBT:1260~1360 nm and 1480~1580 nm


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