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B48 Optical Distribution Frame

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B48 Optical Distribution Frame

B48 Optical Distribution Frame

This ANSI/TIA-568C-3 standard 1U/19” Furukawa optical distribution frame is used for B48 high density pre-terminated systems or splice trays in a Data Center and used for termination of tight buffer cables. B48 ODF is suitable for 3 LGX modules with up to 72 LC-Duplex, 36 SC or 24 ST/ FC connectors. B48 ODF is design for racks, brackets, vertical cabling, primary cabling, equipment room, telecommunications room, cross-connect, administration of optical backbone, horizontal cabling, and secondary cabling.

B48 ODF Details

  • Width: 484 mm
  • Height: 44.45 mm
  • Depth: 338 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Material type: Steel
  • Connector count:
    72 LC-Duplex
    48 LC-Duplex /Splice/
    36 SC
    24 FC/ST
  • Compatibility:
    3 LGX Optical Adapter Panel
    3 LGX Cassette

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