Dirax - Welded joint heat shrink sleeve for directional drilling

Dirax - Welded joint heat shrink sleeve for directional drilling. A high performance fiberglass reinforced sleeve specifically designed for girth weld corrosion protection.

Common Applications

The sleeve is used for corrosion protection of girth welds on coated pipes used for horizontal or directional drilling.

Features & Benefits:

Highly resistant to shear and peel forces induced by soil and thermal movements

The DIRAX is tough!

DIRAX offers abrasion and wear resistance at pull-through comparable to mill coatings

Provides a monolithic coating system.

Wear cone protects leading edge of sleeve against pull-through forces

Provides additional strength and security---increases reliability.

Sleeve applied over wet epoxy---there are no curing or waiting times / formation of strong mechanical & chemical bonds

Allows fast application---saves time! Ensures high performance!

Superior cathodic disbondment and hot water immersion resistance

Offers the optimum barrier protection against corrosion.

Pre-attached closure patch

Allows fast and easy application.

Low preheat requirements

Makes installation faster and saves time.

Maksimum Operating Temperature: 60°C (140°F)

Dirax Installation Video



AT-DIRAX-REV5-0309 [PDF, 76.35 KB]
AG-DIRAX-REV10-0309 [PDF, 236.18 KB]
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