WPCZ-Offshore Joint Coating

Ordering Information:

Roll form:  Must be cut to desired length according file “AT-GIRTHWELD” in download section. Closure patch size must be chosen from same file and ordered separately.

  • WPCZ-20x100-RL
    • WPCZ Product name.
    • 20 Nominal roll width, inches (11”=285 mm, 17”450 mm, 20”=514 mm, 24”=600 mm, 34”=870 mm)
    • 100 Roll length, feet.
    • RL  Roll form

/UNI Sleeve: Ready to use sleeve, pre-cut per pipe diameter and closure patch attached.


  • WPCZ-16000X17(/UNI)
    • WPCZ Product name.
    • 16000 Pipe outside diameter, mil (thousand of an inch)
    • 17 Sleeve width, inches
    •  (/UNI) Ready to use sleeve.

Closure Patches

  • WPCP-IV-4X17
    • WPCP-IV Name of closure patch.
    • 4 Width, inches
    • 17 Length, inches.

For more details pls consult to Samm Engineers.



  • Designed for the corrosion protection of welded joints.
  • Compatible with standard pipe coatings – including PE, CTE, CT,FBE, PP and asphalt-based coatings.
  • For use on offshore, weight-coated pipelines incorporating hot marine mastic pour or other infill systems at the gird weld


Features & Benefits:


Combination of a one piece sleeve & fast shrink response

3 times faster than cold applied tape systems

Allows rapid and reliable installation under lay barge conditions

Saves installation time, thus saves money

Low preheat sensitivity & proven functionality

Highly flexible with mechanical strength

Installation friendly combined with high functional performance

Remains user-friendly even at low temperatures

Available as all-in-one unit or roll form

No special equipment or skills required

Saves money by keeping inventory and logistics costs low

Makes installation fast and easy, keeps installation costs low

Dimpled backing provides a 'permanent change'
indicator for application of heat

Ensures correct application heat & allows easy post-heat inspection


Max Temperature: 60 ºC, 140 ºF

DS-WPCZ-REV9-APR11 [PDF, 151.12 KB]
AT-GIRTHWELD-REV14-NOV12_-AARPS-0259(1) [PDF, 29.18 KB]
AG-WPCZ-REV5-0309(1) [PDF, 215.81 KB]
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