WPC120-High Shear Joint Protection

Ordering Information:

Roll form:  Must be cut to desired length according file “AT-GIRTHWELD” in download section. Closure patch size must be chosen from same file and ordered separately.

  • WPC120-20x100/B-RL
    • WPC120 Product name.
    • 20 Nominal roll width, inches (11”=285 mm, 17”450 mm, 20”=514 mm, 24”=600 mm, 34”=870 mm)
    • 100 Roll length, feet.
    • /B  Sleeve thickness B(2 mm)


/UNI Sleeve: Ready to use sleeve, pre-cut per pipe diameter and closure patch attached.


  • WPC120-16000X17/B(/UNI)
    • WPC120 Product name.
    • 16000 Pipe outside diameter, mil (thousand of an inch)
    • 17 Sleeve width, inches
    • /B  Sleeve thickness  B(2 mm)
    • (/UNI) Ready to use sleeve.

Closure Patches

  • WPCP-IV-4X17
    • WPCP-IV Name of closure patch.
    • 4 Width, inches
    • 17 Length, inches.

For more details pls consult to Samm Engineers.



WPC120 is a wrap-around, heat-shrinkable sleeve designed for corrosion prevention and sealing on various types of piping systems (oil, gas, water, pipe-type cable, etc.), which operate at temperatures up to 121°C (250°F). WPC120 is especially suited for higher stress conditions caused both by elevated temperatures and by soils with severe contraction between wet-dry cycles.


Features & Benefits:



No Special Equipment or Skills Required

Available in All-in-one unit or Roll Form

     Makes installation fast and easy and keeps
     costs low

     Saves money by keeping inventory and logistics costs low

High Shear Resistance

Covers a Wide Range of Operating Temperature Ratings

   WPC offers 'safer protection'

     Offers a solution for nearly every application

Dimpled Backing Provides a 'Permanent
Change' Indicator for Application of Heat

     Ensures correct application heat & allows easy
     post-heat inspection. Reliable inspectability at anytime



Max Temperature: 120 ºC, 248 ºF

Data Sheet [PDF, 144.86 KB]
AT-GIRTHWELD-REV14-NOV12_-AARPS-0259(1) [PDF, 29.18 KB]
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