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Black HDMI and USB Cover

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Modular Black Case for Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 Top Cover Black HDMI and Power input Cover Black USB and Ethernet input Cover ---

Black HDMI and USB Cover for Raspberry Pi Modular Case

This black protection cover is designed for the black Raspberry Pi modulr kit and can be used to cover the USB and LAN inputs or the HDMI, Power and audio inputs. This means that two covers can be used on one protection modular case.
The is removable section that can be removed to keep the covers while using the mini-USB power adapter or an Ethernet LAN cable. Theis modular cover is very secure, it can be installed easily but can only be removed from the inside after removing the screws, the top cover and Raspberry Pi.
The cover has 12mm space inside, so you can cover the USB inputs even if you are using a Nano USB Dongle.

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Modular Case USB & HDMI Cover Features

  • Dual-Use - Compatible with Either Set of I/O Ports e.g. HDMI or USB Side
  • Secure and Tamper-Proof
  • RJ45 & Micro USB Power Breakout Hatches
  • Off-Set to Enable the Use & Internal Protection of up to 4 Nano USB Dongles!


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