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Pi-Top - Raspberry Pi Laptop - Grey


pi-top Grey

Raspberry Pi Laptop

pi-top kit is a customizable laptop based on Raspberry Pi. pi-top is the best kit for learning Raspberry Pi hardware, software and coding! The pi-top Raspberry Pi laptop is compatible with the Pi B+, Pi 2 and Pi 3. pi-top includes an inner frame for custom hardware plugins and its own version of Raspbian, the pi-top OS that comes preloaded on an 8Gb SD card.

The pi-top OS comes with a customizable pi-top Dashboard and pi-top Coder program to making programming Raspberry Pi much easier; and for the enjoyment of learning there is pi-top Ceed Universe, a game base on an online multiplayer world filled with programming missions, objectives and secrets.

depth reflection focus
10 Hours Battery

10 Hours Battery Life

13.3 HD Screen

13.3" HD SCreen



pi-top Grey

pi-top Grey

pi-top Grey Specifications

  • An all-in-one Raspberry Pi laptop powered with a 10+ hours of battery life
  • Easy image-based manual to have fun building the laptop yourself
  • Includes a keyboard, trackpad, screen, battery, charger and an 8GB SD card pre-loaded with our unique OS based on Jessie
  • 13.3” inch HD LCD screen with 262K colours and wide viewing angles)
  • Easy access to the Raspberry Pi with slidable acrylic cover
  • Free educational (MMORP) game included - CEED Universe
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi B+ / 2 / 3
  • Designed for ages 8+

pi-top Grey Components

pi-top Grey Laptop Kit Components

  • 13.3” HD TFT LCD screen
  • Pi-Top Laptop Chassis
  • Pi-Top Hub
  • Integrated Smart Battery
  • Integrated Laptop Keyboard & Trackpad
  • 5V 3A Power Brick (UK Plug)
  • pi-top OS pre-loaded on an 8GB SD Card
  • Please Note that Raspberry Pi is is NOT included

pi-top Grey Screen Front pi-top Grey Screen Back


pi-top Grey Screen Details

  • 13.3” HD TFT LCD Screen
  • Anti-glare
  • 1366 x 768 Resolution
  • eDP 1.2 interface
  • 262K colours
  • 3W power consumption

pi-top HUB

pi-top hub

pi-top Grey Features

  • Power Management
  • Battery Connection
  • Screen Driver
  • PCB Rail Circuitry

pi-top Smart Battery

  • 43-watt per hour
  • 10 hours run time
  • Two-wire SMBus 2.0 Interface
  • Advanced charge algorithms:
    • JEITA recommended profiles with variable current
    • Active cell balancing for extended lifetime
    • Vast array of protection features: over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, short-circuit and more.

pi-top Grey Keyboard and mouse pi-top Grey top chassis

Top Chassis

pi-top Grey Metal Base and Chassis pi-top Grey Chassis

Bottom Chassis

pi-top Grey Top and Bottom Chassis

  • Injection moulded ABS
  • Available in Grey or Green
  • Keyboard: UK QWERTY
  • Trackpad: Right-aligned, Both Tap-To-Click and physical mouse buttons, 65mm x 49mm
  • Acrylic slice allows easy access to internal hardware - black laser etched surface easy to customise to school emblem or just for fun.
  • Rubberised anti-slip surface contact points
  • Product dimensions: 341mm x 209mm (WxD), Front thickness: 10mm, Rear thickness: 47mm

pi-top Cables

pi-top Wiring

pi-top Power Adapter - Chrger

pi-top Power Adapter

pi-top Peripherals

  • 8GB Class 10 SD card preloaded with Pi-Top OS
  • 18V, 3A brick-type power supply - available (UK plug)
  • Tool kit for assembly
  • HDMI Cable
  • Micro USB Cable
  • GPIO Breakout Cable
  • Power Control Cable
  • Keyboard USB Cable

pi-top OS

pi-top OS Jessie Operating System

pi-top Dashboard

pi-top Dashboard

pi-top Coder

pi-top Coder



pi-top OS is the simplest, richest and most modern operating system for Raspberry Pi with its Dashboard, Coder and Ceed Universe. Coding, learning and having fun with pi-top OS is much easier than other versions of Jessie and looks minimal and very modern. The Pi-Top OS allows you to browse the web, check e-mails, create and edit text documents, play games and perform other standard tasks performed on a regular computers. In addition, to the Ceed universe programming multiplayer game.

pi-top OS Operating System

  • Battery life monitoring
  • Screen brightness control
  • Connecting to the internet in minutes
  • Safe shutdown via power button
  • Transferable unique user ID for easy data transfer
  • Automatic cloud back-ups
  • 3D Slash software for click ‘n’ create 3D printing

pi-top Dashboard

pi-top Coder

CEED universe

CEED universe is an advanced programming teaching platform that is made as an interactive universal game. It teaches building hrdware, circuts, robotics, coding and how to actually benefit from any selfmade program.

CEED universe game secrets

The CEED universe game is an actual universe that lets you mine for resources and create programs that automatically does it for you.

CEED universe game gameplay 1

It also has programming puzzles to unlock areas of the game that teach the basics of advanced programming with its variables, functions, and loops; and the codes can be converted easily to Python.

CEED universe gameplay 3

The CEED universe has been habited by an ancient civilisation! You can discover all the secret technologies they had and learn how to apply them knowledge to your programs!

CEED universe coding gameplay 2

CEEDuniverse is seamlessly integrated into pi-topCODER. You can jump between worksheets and CEEDuniverse to enhance your learning experience.

Ceed Universe Game Details

  • Teaches users practical computing and hardware skills
  • Free with all Pi-Top kits
  • Shaped around the UK IT curriculum (in over 40+ schools)
  • Ages  8+
  • Learn how to Code in a gamified environment
  • Build circuits
  • Make hardware (and apply it into our software)

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