TPSM/87 - Tubular field joint coating, 2 layer.

Features & Benefits:

  • Installation is carried out directly on the cleaned and dried (pre-heated) pipe surface. .
  • No primer is required to promote adhesion.
  • Compatible with standard commercial mill-applied coatings.
  • In the event of mechanical damage, the sealing adhesive flows and seals off the damaged area (self-healing effect).
  • No special tools needed, leading to low installation costs.
  • Continuous, tubular design means no closure patch is necessary (tubes must be slid over the pipe prior to welding the joint).
  • The thick-walled structure of the cross-linked heat-shrinkable material gives it high impact strength and penetration resistance (TPSM-C30).

Max Temperature: 30 ºC, 86 ºF

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