APPM - Anchor Plate Protection

Colors:  Black

Backing Binder: HDPE

APPM is a tubular,heat-shrinkable sleeve, which provides corrosion protection to metal pipes and the anchor plates welded to them. Owing to it's high shrink ratio, it conforms easily to large step-downs. APPM consist of a thick-walled, radiation crosslinked , high density polyethylene backing and a vico-elastic, mastic sealant.



APPM is used in district heating and district cooling pipeline segments which require anchoring of the network.


No Primer
High Mechanical Resistance Backing
No drying time
and easy application
Resists abrasion, impact and penetration
Formulated Sealant
High Shrink Force Backing
Ensures a
strong bond & reliable protection
Easy and clean installation even at
the      difficult step-down area
Low Preheat
Sensitivity & Proven Functionality
No Special Equipment or Skills Required
Allows easy
application combined with high functional performance; saves time
Makes installation fast, easy and low cost
Adhesive automatically flows and repairs minor mechanical damages
Self-healing effect; Saves time
DS-APPM-REV5-0309 [PDF, 116.1 KB]
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