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C-SGN Digital Signage Membership

C-SGN Digital Signage Player Cloud Server Membership

C-SGN Digital Signage Player Cloud Server Membership


C-SGN Digital Signage Player Server Membership

Works with C-SGN Digital Signage Player to form a perfect media center and a digital signage advertisement broadcasting solution.

C-SGN Digital Signage Player Cloud Server Membership


Cloud Server

By giving internet connection to your C-SGN Digital Signage Players, you do not have to control them using a keyboard or a mouse and you do not have to install any software on your computer. C-SGN Digital Signage Player and be controlled remotely from any web browser. All the data is stored in the C-SGN server in Germany and you can stream you advertising content to all your advertising screens through C-SGN Digital Signage Players. That ensures less cost and extra flexibility compared to traditional billboard ads.

C-SGN Digital Signage Player advertisement cloud server

Live Reports

You don't have to wonder what your live advertising screen is showing, you can take a screen shot with one click.

Live advertising screen C-SGN digital signage player

Data Safety

No need to worry about electric interruptions. Having stored your data on the server there is no data stored on the SD Card memory to worry about. Any time the power goes off and on again the player automatically refreshes itself from the server and continue the ad from where it was before the power cut.

C-SGN Digital Signage Player Cloud Server Membership


  • Compatible with all screens and TVs
  • Full-screen display with 20 split screen modes
  • Plays video or content with separate custom audio
  • Can be set horizontally or vertically
  • Offline playback mode
  • Custom playlists
  • Auto scrolling news bar
  • Displays videos, images, RSS, HTML5, weather condition and exchange rates
  • Displays website pages and YouTube videos through any URL link
  • Advanced playback and monitoring schedules
  • Automatic session restore in case of a broken connection
  • Pre-set playback calendar schedule
  • 5 GB Disk space for each user on the C-SGN Cloud Server
  • Remote screenshots fetching
  • Schedule control of screen power, ON and OFF
  • Adjustable and saveable advertising shows designs for best flexibility
  • Daily and monthly reports
  • Custom content grouping and organizing
For more info about C-SGN click here

C-SGN-Digital-Signage-player-raspberry-pi-3-membership-logo C-SGN-Digital-Signage-player-raspberry-pi-3-membership

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