BLOT -Gas distribution tees corrosion protection.


  • BLOT blocking tee coating.
  • Construction: Two-layer system:
  • First layer: High-viscosity, high strength mastic (collar & flap).
  • High performance copolymer (cap).
  • Second layer: Thick-walled, radiation cross-linked, high density polyethylene.


Features & Benefits:

  • No primer required
  • No drying time and easy application.
  • Pre-shaped mold system
  • Makes installation easy
  • Provides accurate protection.
  • Controlled high wall thickness
  • Provides accurate & reliable protection.
  • Small number of sizes for a large number of applications
  • Reduced inventory & logistics costs.
  • Specially formulated sealant
  • Ensures a strong bond & reliable protection
  • Provides high peel and shear values after installation.
  • No special equipment or skills required
  • Makes installation fast and easy
  • Keeps installation costs low.

Max Temperature: 50 ºC, 122 ºF

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