Instrument Tubing Bundle TubeTrace SI/MI THERMON

Instrument Tubing Bundle TubeTrace SI/MI THERMON bar


Instrument Tubing Bundle TubeTrace SI/MI THERMON

Freeze protection or process temperature maintenance with
a tube temperature range: 40°F (5°C) to 250°F (121°C).
Designed to provide freeze protection or temperature
maintenance for metallic and non-metallic tubing with “light”
steam trace, TubeTrace Type SI/MI is suitable for use with
process analyzers, emissions analyzers, and impulse lines
to flow or pressure transmitters where steam or hot liquid
is the preferred heating media.
TubeTrace Type SI/MI “light” steam trace is a metallic tracer
tube that is isolated from direct contact with the process
tube(s). The tracer tube and process tube(s) benefit from
consistent heat transfer and performance along the entire
length of the bundle.
Unlike field fabricated and insulated tubing, TubeTrace
engineered pre-insulated tubing provides superior weather
proofing and long term reliability.



CONSTRUCTIONInstrument Tubing Bundle TubeTrace SI/MI THERMON

1 Process tube(s)
2 Heat reflective tape
3 Tracer tube [isolated from process tube(s)]
4 Non-hygroscopic glass fiber insulation
5 Polymer outer jacket




• Consistent heat transfer and thermal performance
• Superior weather proofing
• Long coils minimize waste



SI and MI “Light” Trace Ratings
Available Tracer Tube Diameters 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2”
Available Tracer Tube Materials Copper and Stainless Steel
Typical Process Tube Temperature 40°F to 250°F (5°C to 121°C)
Maximum Steam Temperature 400°F/235 psig (205°C/1690 kPa)
Typical Temperature Difference  
Tracer Tube vs. Process Tube More Than 100°F (55°C)4


Instrument Tubing Bundle TubeTrace SI/MI THERMON 22

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