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Mineral Insulated Heating Cable MIQ

MIQ high performance mineral insulated heating cables

are used extensively for high temperature maintenance, high temperature exposure and/or high watt density applications which exceed the limitations of thermoplastic insulated cables. Thermon’s MIQ mineral insulated cables are manufactured using Alloy 825, a high nickel/chromium alloy which is ideally suited for high temperature service that offers exceptional resistance to stress corrosion in chloride, acid, salt and alkaline environments. MIQ cables are certified for use in ordinary (nonclassified) areas and in potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with the ATEX directive and the IEC Ex scheme.

MIQ Heater SetS Thermon MIQ cable sets are available in four factory fabricated configurations: Type A, B, D or E. The standard assemblies consist of a predetermined length of heating cable joined to a standard 1.2 m or 2.1 m nonheating cold lead with 305 mm long thermoplastic insulated pigtails. The nonheating section of the unit is sealed and fitted with a high pressure, liquid-tight M20, M25 or M32 brass gland 3 for connection into the supply junction box.


Rated voltage 1 300 and 600 Vac
Maximum maintenance temperature 2 500°C
Maximum continuous exposure temperature  
Power-off 600°C
Maximum Watt density 2 260 W/m
Minimum installation temperature -60°C
Minimum bend radius 6 x cable O.D.


MIQ-Mineral-Insulated-Heating-Cable [PDF, 291.08 KB]
MIQ 600v Dual Core
MIQ 600v Dual Core
MIQ 300v Dual Core
MIQ 300v Dual Core
MIQ 600v Single Core
MIQ 600v Single Core
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