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Raychem Heat Shrink Cable Breakouts 1 KV

Raychem low voltage breakouts are an easily installed, light weight insulation for sealing the crutches of plastic, paper and rubber insulated cables up to 1 kV. Raychem cable breakouts offer savings in weight, space and time over conventional methods and make overhead installation and cable transport easier. Requiring no special tools or skills, installation is completed within minutes by simply heating the breakout. The diameter then reduces to tightly grip the outer jacket and Raychem heat-shrinkable cable breakouts for power cables the cores. At the same time, the precoated sealant melts and reliably seals the cable crutch against moisture and the environment. The heat-shrinkable feature also means smaller inventories, as each breakout size will shrink to fit several different sizes and types of cables. Made from semi-rigid cross-linked halogen free polyolefin, these medium wall breakouts also offer resistance to abrasion, weathering, and atmospheric pollution.

breakout [PDF, 165.19 KB]
Cross Section (mm²):
4x6 ----> 3x50+25
4x6  ----> 3x50+25
3x70+35 ----> 3x240+120
3x70+35  ----> 3x240+120
4x300 ----> 4x400
4x300  ----> 4x400

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