Raychem Insulation Cover , MV Aerial Line

The medium voltage line cover provides state-of-the-art insulation to help prevent electrical outages caused by trees or wildlife coming into contact with distribution lines. Designed to insulate existing bare lines without costly conductor replacement expenditures or additional line hardware, the cover may be applied selectively on problem spans when temperatures are above 0°C. The cover material formulation is based on Raychem products’ field-proven experience with MV products in harsh environments. The material is UV stable as well as tracking and erosion resistant. The cover is cross-linked material to create an extremely robust insulation system, ensuring many years of reliable operation in the harshest environments.

Insulation [PDF, 2.76 MB]
Aerial-cover [PDF, 140.92 KB]
Izolasyon [PDF, 1.66 MB]
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