Raychem Heat Shrink Joint for Copper Cables 6-10-15 kV

Heat Shrink Cable Joint


Heat Shrink Cable Joint  Raychem






Jointing today...


Today, a modern jointing system must contain few, prefabricated components for easy, reliable installation, be applicable with different connection techniques and accommodate tolerances, different cross-sections and constructions.
The tried and tested solution:


Raychem’s elastomeric

The elastomeric heat-shrinkable joint has proven its suitability in installations all over the world, under even the most adverse conditions.

Raychem’s technique combines an elastomeric thick-wall insulating material in one component with an outer layer of heat-shrinkable conductive polymer. The outer layer holds the thick insulating material at a large diameter, so that it can easily be placed over the cable. Using this construction, it is only necessary to heat the outer conductive layer to initiate the shrinking process. Other advantages to such an approach include:


■ versatility: jointing of round and
sector-shaped, single and
3-core cables, a range of sizes,
cables of different cross-sections or oversheath thicknesses
in one joint
■ no extra cut-back of the oversheath to park the components
■ effortless positioning of the
■ not limited to special connectors or conductor jointing
■ suitable for various types of
water-blocked cable.


Elastomeric technology

The elastomeric joint component is supplied in an expanded form, in which the heat-shrinkable outer wall holds the insulating layer at a wide diameter. Application of heat causes the outer wall to shrink, allowing the insulating layer to
contract at the same time, and closely fit the joint. The rubber-like characteristics of the material enable the joint to follow the thermalIy-induced dimensional changes of the cable insulation.



Heat Shrink Cable Joint

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