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AnodeFlex 850 Cathodic Protection System

Anodeflex 850 is a long-line, flexible, cable-like anode, which is placed in continuous close proximity to the tank bottom. Uniform distribution of cathodic protection current is therefore achieved on applications where secondary containment, or where traditional anode systems will not work. Key to the product’s performance is the central, conductive-polymer coated copper conductor. This unique construction allows current to flow long distances down the center conductor, while allowing sufficient cathodic protection current to continuously pass through the conductive polymer all along the length of the anode.


In contrast to conventional CP systems, AnodeFlex is placed in the ground in close proximity to the steel surface to be protected and provides uniform distribution of protective current to the entire steel surface, thereby maintaining the steel-to-soil “instant-off” potential in the required window of –850mv (-950mv if SRB’s present) and –1200mv.


The central anode cable is surrounded by factory prepackaged, high conductivity coke breeze, held in place by a porous and woven jacket. This arrangement avoids handling loose coke breeze and simplifies field installation. The improved current distribution increases anode efficiency and helps prevent over-voltage problems such as hydrogen generation. Above ground storage tank bottoms and buried tanks can be more effectively protected from corrosion using this continuous, close proximity anode system.


AnodeFlex 850 is delivered on long length spools and because no additional coke breeze is required, the installation is as simple as laying a low voltage power cable. Proven heat-shrinkable splice kits, Tee joints and end sealing caps are available to complete any installation design. A flexible rock shield protective covering is also available for tight applications.


Product Features:

  • Anode in close proximity to the tank bottom.
    • Distributes current uniformly over total area of the tank bottom.
    • No over- or under-protected areas.
    • Independent of soil or sand pad resistivity.


  • Easy installation.
    • Lower labor costs.
    • Simple to bury in the sand pad.
    • Will protect existing tanks.


  • No splices under the tank bottom.
    • Flexible design choices.
    • Tight bend radius product.
    • All maintenance is outside the tank.


  • Low ground contact resistance.
    • Driving voltage is lower.
    • Less expensive to operate.
    • Pre-packaged coke breeze
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