Heating Cable ELEKTRA SelfTec PRO

ELEKTRA SelfTec PRO Large Self-regulating Heating Cable

ELEKTRA SelfTec PRO Large Self-regulating Heating Cable

SelfTec PRO, from ELEKTRA, is a very professional solution for protecting pipe, valve, roof and gutter against frost or snow. SelfTec PRO is a self regulating heating cable that changes its temperature according to the surrounding temperature. SelfTec PRO is wider than regular heating cables, has 10, 20 or 33 w/m heating power, has a twin conductor, and only needs to be connected from one end.



ELEKTRA SelfTec Pro Application

  • Anti-frost protection of water fixtures, sprinkler systems and thick drainage pipelines.
  • Prevention of snow and ice damage in gutters, downpipes and roof drains.
  • Chemical pipelines temperature maintenance.

Roof Drain Snow Ice melting Gutter Heating Cable ELEKTRA SelfTec PRO

Pipe, Gutter adn Downpipe Snow Ice melting Gutter Heating Cable ELEKTRA SelfTec PRO

ELEKTRA SelfTec Pro Specifications

  • Power output (+10oC):    10, 20 or 33 W/m
  • Power supply:    230 V ~ 50/60 Hz
  • External dimension of cable:    ~ 7 x 11 mm (10, 20 W/m), ~ 7 x 13 mm (33 W/m)
  • Min. installation temperature:    -30oC
  • Max. working temperature:    +65oC
  • Max. exposure temperature:    +85oC (power-off)
  • Type of heating cable:    self-regulating, conductor screen, single-side power supply
  • Conductor:    tin-coated copper 2 x 1.10 mm2 (10, 20 W/m), 2 x 1.35 mm2 (33 W/m)
  • Insulation:    modified polyolefin
  • Outer sheath:    UV resistant, halogen free polyolefin
  • Min. bending radius:    3.5 D
  • Max. cable length per circuit (+10oC):    205m (10 W/m), 135 m (20 W/m), 120 m (33 W/m)
  • Max. circuit-breaker, C-type:    20 A (10W/m), 32A (20 W/m), 40 A (33 W/m)
  • Product certificates:    EAC
  • ISO 9001 certification:    IQNET, PCBC
  • Product mark:    CE

Components of ELEKTRA SelfTec Pro Heating Cable

  • UV resistant halogen free outer sheath
  • Tinned copper braiding shield
  • PET covered aluminum foil shield
  • Modified polyolefin insulation
  • Self-regulating conductive polymer
  • Tinned multi-wire copper conductor
Components of ELEKTRA SelfTec PRO Heating Cable

Type/unit power (10°C) SelfTec PRO 10 W/m SelfTec PRO 20 W/m SelfTec PRO 33 W/m SelfTec PRO TC 30 W/m
Rated voltage 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz
external dimensions of the cable ~ 7 x 11 mm ~ 7 x 13 mm ~ 6 x 13.5 mm
min. installation temperature -25°C -30°C -50°C
max. operation temperature 65°C 100°C
max. exposure temperature 85°Cpower supply off 135°C power supply off
Type of heating cable self-regulating, shielded, single-side power supply
core cross-section tin-coated copper 1.1 mm2 1.3 mm2 nickel plated copper
insulation modified polyolefin XLEVA
min. cable bending radius 3.5 D 6 D
outer sheath UV resistant halogen free polyolefin HFFR

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