Elektra Thermostat OCD5 1999

ELEKTR OCD5 1999 Thermostat - Smart Touch-Screen Heat Controller

ELEKTRA OCD5 1999 Thermostat - Smart Touch-Screen Heat Controller

As the first edition of the new generation of smart heating controllers, ELEKTRA OCD5 1999 is an auto learning programmable thermostat with 6-events, a calendar and a color touch screen.

OCD5 1999 can be programmed according to 6 daily events and according to a customizable calendar, that turns off the heating automatically during the day or on a preset holiday. In addition, it can learn the time needed to reach the preferred temperature in the room and starts the heating system earlier the next day, according to the calculated time. In order to be very precise, this smart thermostat has an internal air temperature sensor and an external a floor temperature sensor, ETF‐144/99T.

Smart Touch Screen Menu Smart Heating Control
Heating Events Calendar Heating Events Calendar
Thermostat Child Lock Thermostat Child Lock

OCD5 1999 has a color touch screen, which has a user friendly interface and can show thorough details of the status, temperature and power consumption. Besides, it has a QR generator that can send all the detailed reports, diagrams and information to a smart phone in one second.

Power Consumption Control Power Consumption Control
Heating Graphs & Reports Heating Graphs & Reports
QR Code Reports QR Code Reports

Detials of ELEKTRA OCD5 1999 Thermostat

  • Power supply: 100-240VAC
  • Max. load: 16A
  • Installation: flush
  • Built-in switch: 2-pole, 16A
  • Comfort temperature range: +5°C; +40°C for each event
  • Economical temperature range: +5°C; +40°C for each event
  • Protection: IP 21
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 82 x 82 x 40 mm
  • Display: 176 x 220 pixels, TFT
  • Certificates: VDE, BEAB
  • Product marking: CE

OCD5-user manual [PDF, 9.37 MB]
OCD5-manual [PDF, 670.75 KB]
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