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FIST-GCO2-F flat-General Fiber Optic Splice Box

The generic closure FIST-GCO2-F is the environmentally sealed enclosure for the fiber management system that provides the functions of splice and passive component integration in the external network.


The FIST-GCO2-F has the following functions and features:

  •  Single-ended design
  •  Base and dome are sealed with latches and O-ring system
  •  6 or 8 round ports for drop cables and 1 oval port for looped cable
  •  The single side UMS (Universal Mounting System) frame provide the foundation for mounting combinations of SOSA2 (Splice Only Sub-Assembly) and/or FSASA2 (Splitter Array Sub-Assembly) modules, which consist of a modular grooveplate and trays
  •  Compatible with most common cable types: e.g. loose tube, central core, ribbon fiber
  •  Uncut fibers can be stored as single circuits in trays and/or as cable elements in the storage space.


Dimensions and Capacities


Length L ( mm ) 384 432
Diameter ( without latche ) ( mm ) 254
Diameter ( with latche ) A ( mm ) 150
Single tray capacity ( SC/SE ) 16/8 24/12
Fiber capacity ( SC/SE ) 32/96 48/144

Fiber capacities calculated as a standard for SC 2Fiber/tray, for SE 12 Fiber/tray.




FIST-GCO2-RSK-LTS Termination kit for rounded port for drop cables.
FIST-GCO2-RSK-CC Termination kit for rounded port for looped cables.
FIST-GCO2-OSK-LTS Termination kit foroval port for drop cables.
FIST-GCO2-OSK-CC Termination kit for oval port for looped cables.
* Only for separately ordered kits.


FIST-GCO2-F_Datasheet [PDF, 1.88 MB]
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