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AnodeFlex 1500 Long-line flexible cable anot for tanks and pipelines

Long-line linear impressed current anode

  1. Central Copper Conductor: #6 AWG, serving as a low resistance busbar to deliver the required current over considerable distance without incurring substantial longitudinal voltage drop.
  2. Conductive polymer: 0.5 inch (13 mm) in diameter special extrusion, sealing the copper conductor from chemical attack, yet allowing current to flow through it, from the conductor to the environment all along its length.
  3. Coke breeze: Pre-packaged, high performance calcined petroleum coke breeze, serving as the active matrix in which the electrochemical reactions take place. Designed for min. 20 years service life at max. current output of 16 mA/ft (52 mA/m).
  4. Fabric jacket: Integrated woven, acid resistant and porous jacket holding the coke breeze in place around the anode.
  5. Protective braid: Tough, porous, non-conductive protective braid enhancing the abrasion and damage resistance of the fabric jacket.
  • AnodeFlex 1500 is a long-line, flexible, cable-like anode.
  • It is placed in continuous close proximity to the target structure & provides uniform distribution of CP current .
  • Unique construction allows current to flow long distances down the center conductor, while allowing sufficient cathodic protection current to continuously pass through the conductive polymer all along the length of the anode.
  • Maintains steel-to-soil "instant-off" potential in the required window of -850mv (-950mv if SRB’s present) and -1200mv.
  • AnodeFlex 1500's efficiency prevents over-voltage problems such as hydrogen generation and associated rapid coating disbondment.
  • Interference from other structures and stray currents are virtually eliminated.
  • AnodeFlex 1500 can often be installed as part of a system rehabiliation on pipelines with decayed coatings
  • Above ground storage tank bottoms and buried tanks can be more effectively protected from corrosion using this continuous, close proximity anode system.

Rehabilitation without Excavation
Easy monitoring of current
A fraction of
the cost of recoating
More reliable & economical than discrete
No over- or
under-protected areas
Measurably overcomes of variations
soil resistivity
client lay up to 1.25 miles(2 km) per day
Environmentally friendly
Long continuous
circuit lengths
Used to rehabilitate operating pipelines
maintenance cost
Fast & less disruptive
with standard cable laying equipment
No loss of revenue & No supply interruptions
Fast, Easy
& Cost Effective
Focuses current on the target structure
90% fewer
joints compared to other anode systems
Pre-packaging coke breeze
Less vulnerable
to splicing errors
Ensures low resistance ground bed all the time               
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