Data consumption has exploded in the past few years and enterprise 

network owners are scrambling to meet the demanding requirements 

of 40 G and beyond to serve their buildings, data centers, and 

campuses. New technologies are driving change in every aspect of 

enterprise networks—new industry standards, new topologies, new 

types of connectivity, new test methods, and certainly new challenges 

for designers and technicians. Everything in the enterprise is new!

Our customers tell us that their old tools are insufficient for new enterprise networks. The 

JDSU Certifier40G equips technicians with all the capabilities they need to certify both 

copper and fiber networks quickly, completely, and correctly for all current and future cabling 

standards for the new enterprise.

Drive User Efficiency 

The Certifier40G is not only the most advanced solution available, it is also the fastest and 

most complete. Whether certifying copper or fiber, users will get the job done right and on 

time...the first time!

• The industry’s fastest CAT6A solution can certify 

each cable within 9 seconds, saving users 30 

minutes each time they test 150 CAT6A cables*

• Tier 1 certification of multimode, single-mode, and 

multimode MPO fiber in less than 6 seconds

• Automate pass/fail end-face analysis for all fiber types

• Gain complete test visibility at both local and 

remote ends

• Pre-configured with all leading manufacturer’s 

cabling specifications


• Permanent link and channel adapters for 

certifying to TIA category 5e/6/6A and ISO 

class D/E/EA/F/FA

• Multimode (850/1300 nm) and single-mode 

(1310/1550 nm) adapters for Tier 1 fiber 

certification (loss/length/polarity)

• Multimode (850 nm) MPO adapters for 

certifying and troubleshooting MPO links and 


• Industry-leading JDSU P5000i digital fiber end-
face inspection probe support

• Integrated, standards-based certification 

labeling and reporting

cert40G_pb_net_nse_ae [PDF, 2.41 MB]
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