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FOSC-OPGW Optical Ground Wire Additional Box

High voltage power transmission lines Air FOSC-OPGW optical ground wires are specifically designed for use in additional single-sided metal box is protected. 

Boxes above the soil applications, such as high-voltage poles and towers may be used to support walls or other structures can be installed. 
This type of box, plain attachment of additional thrust output or can be used in applications such as distribution points.


FOSC-OPGW has the following features: 

• Valve body and one-sided design, 
• Galvanize steel roof assembly; additional thermo plastic box (FOSC-400B4 or FOSC-400A4) and 2 conventional OPGW cable and underground fiber optic cable 2 ADSS or carries on fixing plates. 
• Direct mounting kit high voltage poles, or metal structure of the carrier profile to open any holes are used to perform the installation. 
• Optional stainless steel cover provided by the protection provided against firearms. 
• Heat must shrivel up cable insulation due to the structure of the hinged tray 
• FOSC additional disturbing other trays without access.


FOSC-OPGW_Datasheet [PDF, 1.03 MB]
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