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S1182, Hotmelt Filler for PERP60E

S1182-Hotmelt Filler for PERP60E

S1182 is a hotmelt based filler material delivered on rolls . Thanks to the high shear resistance of this hotmelt , the S1182 is especially suitable for directional drilling applications.


S1182 is used as a filler material with PERP60E.

The filler tape is used to fill the holiday thus restoring the mill applied coating thickness of the pipe.

Features & Benefits:

Conformable, moldable and easy to apply

Proven performance

     Saves time!

     Proven reliability with global references

Compatible with Covalence Coating Systems

High shear resistant

     Versatile and reduces inventory

     Suitable for demanding conditions


Max Temperature: 60 ºC, 140 ºF

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