FIST-MCO Cassette Type Metal Fiber Optic Joint Box

It is a single-ended metal closure specially designed for use on optical grounding wires of overhead electrical power network lines. The product can be attached to high-voltage towers, poles, walls, or other support structures.

The dome and base are made of a corrosion-free aluminum alloy (low moisture permeability and high mechanical strength). One model of the product can be used for track joint, external node, or distribution point applications.

Two back-to-back, premounted, raised FAS plates provide the foundation for mounting combinations of SOSA and/or FSASA modules.


FIST-MCO Features


  • Single-ended metal closure
  • Six round ports for single cable entry/exit
  • Heat-shrink cable seals
  • Suitable for use above ground
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Compatible with optical grounding wires and fiber-optic cables



FIST-MCO_Datasheet [PDF, 3.32 MB]
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