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FOSC-500AA Slim Line Box 48 fibers

Lines included within the box, overhead, underground or direct buried applications, fiber is the addition of fiber and fiber management is protected from external environmental factors is the type box. 
Multi-unit with additional tray and cable fastening structure has a cold can be applied and used again. 
Fiber network, with low-fiber lines, the lines added in, and branch distribution point is preferred.

Features of FOSC-500AA : 
• Thin, sleek, compact design within the lines, 
• Hinges and easy re-entry with the structure and off ratchet, 
• Appendix 2 cable entry on both sides of the box 
• Gel technology and cold-applied insulation cable entry 
• Integrated cable sheath gripping element on the outside, 
• Compatible with all cable types (loose tube, central tube, etc. ..)


Capacity (or type) of Splice Tray:48
FOSC-500A-A_Datasheet [PDF, 1.45 MB]
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