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NRG-DM Intuitive Timer Thermostat

NRG-DM Intuitive Timer Thermostat

Digital timer thermostat for electrical underfloor heating equipped with a large display and intuitive software for optimal ease of use.
The NRG-DM can be used with all Raychem underfloor heating : T2QuickNet ,T2Red, T2Red Mat, T2Blue, T2Blue Mat & CERAPRO. This model of the NRG thermostat family is intuitive and easy to use or program.


  • Intuitive wizard-based first time set-up of the thermostat
  • 2 pole main power switch for maintenance purposes
  • Clear big Dot Matrix LCD display (100 x 64 pixels) with blue backlight
  • Energy savings thanks to the adaptive function. The thermostat calculates when it needs to start heating in order to reach the temperature at desired time of the weekly schedule.
  • Child lock to prevent accidental changes on the thermostat
  • Different display settings possible:
    • See the set temperature or the actual temperature on the screen
    • Show/hide time and date
    • Reverse background
    • Activate/deactivate the screen saver
  • Energy monitoring to visualize energy consumption over different periods of time
  • Temperature calibration possible to adjust to the specific floor construction of the room
  • Temperature scale to limit the thermostat to Min-Max temperatures in order to protect sensitive floors
  • Supported Software languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, Czech, Swedish, Finish, Norwegian



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