TraceTek fuel leak detection for Tank Farms



Pentair Thermal Management offers fuel leak detection solutions that will find leaks before they find you.

Fuel leak Detection Products

The TraceTek fuel leak detection system has these basic parts:

  • • Sensing cables – these cables provide early detection of below ground or above ground “weeps and seeps” before they accumulate into large spills.  And the location is reported to the nearest meter.
  • • Probes – these detect fuel floating on water or fuel accumulating in low spots like sumps or valve pits or on flat surfaces like pump pads. The probes react instantly to even a thin film of fuel and can be reset and reused and even “wet tested” if desired.
  • • Sensor Interface Modules and Alarm Panels – these are designed to energize the sensor cables and probes, monitor their condition and report the existence and location of any leak detection to operators and other alarm and supervisor systems.

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