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General Terms and Conditions of Business - SAMM Technology Ltd. (Turkey)
1. General 
1.1 These General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTC) apply to all sales, deliveries and other services (collectively also referred to deliveries”), of SAMM Technology (SAMM). Contrary conditions of the customer are not binding on SAMM even if the order is based upon them or if the customer refers to them on forms or in other documents. 
1.2 SAMM’s GTC likewise apply to all subsequent business, even if no further reference is made to them at the time when such transactions are concluded. 
1.3 Secondary agreements, together with amendments and additions to the agreement and SAMM’s GTC, are valid only if they are agreed in writing with SAMM.


2. Offers, Documentation 
2.1 Offers of SAMM are always made without obligation and are valid for not more than 60 days from the date of the offer made by SAMM unless specifically stated otherwise in the offer. 
2.2 No particulars given in SAMM’s catalogues, price lists and further documentation are binding, but are provided “as is” only. Amendments to the specifications, product designs and other changes are reserved. They may influence delivery dates and prices. 
2.3 Drawings, documentation, samples and other materials remain the property of SAMM. No licenses are granted in any intellectual property rights of SAMM and its affiliated companies. Intellectual property rights must be respected. In particular, the duplication or disclosure of 
supporting materials, documents or samples, especially of materials which are protected by copyright, is prohibited without the consent of SAMM. On request, all such documents and samples must be returned to SAMM. 

3. Prices 
3.1 Prices are quoted in the offered currency, with VAT detailed, and save where otherwise agreed in writing FCA SAMM Plant/Warehouse (Incoterm 2010). The place of the SAMM Plant/Warehouse is determined in the provided offer. 
3.2 Prices are generally adjusted once each year. 
All agreed prices and payment terms remain valid for not more than twelve (12) months from the date of the SAMM offer. If costs incurred by SAMM, in particular raw material costs, undergo significant changes SAMM is entitled to request an appropriate change of the agreed product 
prices. If the customer declines such price changes or if negotiations between the parties on such price changes do not result in a new agreed price within one month of the notice to take part in such negotiations, SAMM is entitled to give unilateral written notice of termination of the agreement with immediate effect and without any liability. The foregoing is without prejudice to individual orders confirmed by SAMM but not yet fully processed at the time notice is given. The parties are at liberty to extend the one-month negotiation period for price changes by mutual 
agreement in writing. 

4. Confidentiality 
 The customer must keep secret all confidential information received from SAMM in the context of the business relationship and refrain from disclosing it to third parties. 



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