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Mission & Vision







To be one of Turkey’s top 500 Industrial Enterprises by 2023.

Mission Statement:

As a technology company active in more than one core industry, SAMM will exploit new technologies to deliver state of the art solutions.

With our easy to use, high quality and durable products/services we will establish long term relationships with our clients, and open our solutions to new markets for growth.

In order to make growth sustainable we must work hard.

We aim to create a company in which our children will be working in 2030s.


SAMM was established in 2003 without capital; however SAMM’s biggest and consistently important values are:

  • Quality
  • Frugality
  • Value of knowledge
  • Return on investment
  • Continuous investment in our business
  • Abide by ethical rules


We value,

  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Stakeholders
  • Business partners and suppliers


We are prudent, dedicated, and innovative.  We believe knowledge to be indispensable for us and our business success.

We will invest in our employees and teach them to fish, and not just give them a fish each day in order to maintain the status quo.  We will help them to generate innovative ideas freely and encourage working in a better environment with team spirit.

We will learn from success and failure, and we will be humble at all times!

We will encourage new ideas wherever it’s coming from whilst maintaining quality

In order to reach optimum product quality we will listen to and value our clients’ complaints.  We believe suggestions by all contribute to our knowledge and help maintain our position as the best advisors in our field. We will use business partners’ expertise to contribute our business and clients’.

We do not create excuses instead we question ourselves. Instead of benchmarking ourselves with competitors we will question ourselves.


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