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What is Raychem?

Raychem, is one of the brand of Tyco international company. Before, Raychem was an independent company and then, was bought by Tyco in 1999. After it is combined with the other brand, it had a wide product range. Raychem, about 30 years, has been symbol of quality and trust in a lot of fields such as telecom, energy, military and structural cabling, computer, medical products. And Tyco is the one of the most important company in the technological field and is a favourite company for its users. Our company is the representative of companies that has large product range such as raychem space heating, shrinkable tubing, special cables, fiber optic extra boxes, corrosion protection brands.

Do you montage products completely yourself?

No, but for some institutional and contractual companies that we work directly, our staffs montage our products.

What is the warranty period of your products?

Our products are generally warrantied against to manufaturing faluts for 12 years. But, our products are generally for groundwork and it does not lose its products performance. Some costomers are confused with warranty period and product life. We don't provide lifetime warranty to the products that we supply to prevent confusion between lifetime warranty period and lifetime of the products. Our products has a references that are resistant over 50 years.


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