Corrosion Protection FAQ

Can you repair the holes in the pipeline?

No, the products that we offer are for protection from corrosion. If the corrosion on the pipe is over 80% or full hole, our products cannot repair this kind of holes. On the other hand, if the corrosion is under 50%, We have the products that repair or rehabilite this kind of corrosion with Anodeflex, Polyken or Covalence products...

Do you have cathodic protection products such as magnesium anode or others?

No, we provide AnodeFlex and rectifiers. And we assemble according to your wish. Detailed information about AnodeFlex click here...

What is heat shrinkible sleeve?

Gas, natural gas, water and steel pipes are generally covered by polyethylene and 12 meter long. During montage, these pipes are brought against to each other and welded. There is no isolation in welded parts of pipes. Heat shrinkable sleeve is wrapped to welded parts of the pipes and after that, it is heated to shrink up. As a result, part of the pipe, without isolation, is prevented from corrosion.

What is polyethylene cold applied tape? What for? How does it protect from corrosion?

Cold applied tapes are used on a various places. For example, to cover steel pipes, to repair the damaged parts of the pipe coating, on pipe bends and valves. Polyken PE cold applied tapes are able to be applied easily and it prevents steel pipes from contact to air. After the surface of the steel pipe is cleaned from power wire brush or sand blasting, adhesive primer is applied to the surface and Polyken tapes are wrapped tightly. As a result, pipes are ısolated from the external environment. Outer surface of the PE tapes are designed not to be affected by the external factors.

How to repair 3LPE and 3LPP coating damages

Repair procedures for 3LPE:

Superficial damages and scratches that damage does not extend to bare steel and FBE.

Repair with heat sensitive PE copolymer based sticks. That is PE Perp Melt Stick, applied with standard propane torches.

Click to see product details of Perp Melt Stick 

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 Damages that steel/FBE can be seen and FBE not damaged. 

Repair with Filler Mastic and Perp Patch.

Click to see product details of Perp Patch  and Filler Mastic

Click to watch application video. 


 Damages that bare steel can be seen and FBE also damaged. 

Repair with Liquid Epoxy, Filler Mastic and Perp Patch.

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