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Electrical & Instrumentation Contracting Projects



Electrical, Instrumentation & Contracting-




Electrical, Instrumentation & Contracting



As Samm Technology, we committed to work in the energy sector. Mainly we do sales and turnkey projects that require special expertise.

For many years we have been providing engineering and execution services of electrical and instrumentation works, that include:


  • Design
  • Following OSH rules in employment and projects execution
  • Quality guarantee and quality supervision
  • Calibration Laboratories
  • Instruments Installation
  • Electrical cabling, data cabling and fiber optic cabling
  • Cable raceways, undergrounds and earthing
  • Commissioning and maintenance services




We accomplish all turnkey projects meeting the required expertise. Although, some projects are in the conducted in hazardous, they are thoroughly studied and executed strictly under international OSH rules. SAMM Technology is one of the companies that would never tolerate overlooking these disciplines. On the other hand, not only do we execute turnkey projects but also provide consulting and commissioning services; all with bearing the same efficiency in quality and discipline.



To know more about our services, you can either visit our References page or contact us directly.

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New Products

Elektra WiFi Thermostat OWD5 1999
Elektra WiFi Thermostat OWD5 1999
Price excl. VAT:$103.48
Price inc. VAT:$122.11
FiberChek Probe
FiberChek Probe
Price excl. VAT:$3,086.06
Price inc. VAT:$3,641.55


Raspberry Pi 3 Power Adapter
Raspberry Pi 3 Power Adapter
Price excl. VAT:$11.58
Price inc. VAT:$13.66
Raspberry Pi 3
Raspberry Pi 3
Price excl. VAT:$43.64
Price inc. VAT:$51.49
Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless
Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless
Price excl. VAT:$10.79
Price inc. VAT:$12.74

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