Raspberry Pi ZERO is in Turkey again.

Date: 2016-05-14

Raspberry Pi ZERO is in Turkey again.

The world’s cheapest computer, Raspberry Pi ZERO, is in Turkey Again.

Raspberry Pi ZERO contest 

In February, we had our first Pi ZERO shipment and it was ordered out of our stock so quickly that we ran out of it in one and a half hour. Almost the same, this time we also have a limited amount in stock and it would run out so quickly. However, we have decided to make things more interesting and have sort of a contest selling them.

So we set some rules this time, as a game:

  1. Only 7 sets will be sold in seven days, from 16th till 22nd of May, one set each day.
  2. Each set will be available for sale at a different hour of the day. And will stay available till the end of the day.
  3. The sale opening hour, what we can call ZERO hour, will only be revealed an hour before on social media.
  4. it will be sold through this page

Free Raspberry Pi Workshop

The seven special buyers will also be given the opportunity to attend a Raspberry Pi workshop at Istanbul University. You can see the class in these older images.

Free Raspberry Pi books

And moreover, there will also be 10 free Raspberry Pi Books given to ten of the people who will share the announcement on social media using the hash-tag #PiZeroTürkiyede.

You check out the books here.

Do not forget to keep track of our Facebook and Twitter this week so you know when to take you Pi ZERO.  and


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