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Fuel Leak Detection

Fuel Leak Detection SAMM

Safety is the number 1 concern of most companies involved in the handling of petroleum fuels, and protecting the environment is a close second. The regulatory framework in both areas is getting progressively tighter, so if your business involves the production, transportation, storage, refining or consumption of fuels, you need to consider the possibility of a leak.

In some situations the potential source of a leak can be anticipated. A valve pit, an overfill containment or a low point sump is an ideal location for a fast acting fuel probe. Quickly knowing that fuel is accumulating in an unexpected area can be the key to avoiding a catastrophic accident or expensive clean-up.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a “slow” leak is a “small” leak. A slow leak results in a large spill if the detection system is too insensitive to detect leaks below a given threshold or below a certain percentage of flow. Far too many leaks are discovered when someone notices the smell of fuel, or after surface/below ground water has become contaminated.

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