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For more than 25 years, TraceTek Liquid Leak Detection Systems have been used to detect water leaks in computer facilities by monitoring concealed piping and valves beneath raised computer room floors. A truly innovative system, the TraceTek sensor cable is able to locate a spill quickly and alert appropriate parties to help avoid or mitigate damage that can be caused by unreported leaks. The history of development for the TraceTek Liquid Leak Detection System dates back to the mid 1980’s in California. It was created in Raychem Corporation’s central R&D facility as an outgrowth of work related to distributed anode systems for the cathodic protection of pipelines. More recently, as the global business community has become more focused on environmental concerns, other markets for Pentair Thermal Management’ TraceTek leak detection system heave emerged and continue to grow at steady pace. TraceTek liquid leak detection systems can be employed to monitor hydrocarbon fuel leaks in tank farms, pipelines and hydrant systems; aqueous chemical spill detection in semiconductor fabs and pharmaceutical plants, and strong acid leak detection in fertilizer manufacturing, mineral processing and oil refining applications. TraceTek systems not only can provide early detection but can also monitor a pipeline with accuracy of +/- 1 meter.



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