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C-SGN Exciting Innovative

C-SGN Exciting Innovative

C-SGN Exciting Innovative

Main provider of Digital advertising broadcasting (Digital Signage) solutions, advertising monitors and cloud media centers. In the rapidly evolving digital age we live in, technology get more advanced constantly and affects all business sectors. Risk of falling behind the competition, has made higher to keep track of technological developments. In particular, the advertising market has been the most affected by this situation. The digital era to this sector, have made a very fast shift that is getting companies to switch to digital advertising solutions, instead of printed traditional solutions. The main solution is Industrial Monitors, which are especially designed for publishing, advertising and promotions. C-SGN provides these monitors accompanied with their hardware and software cloud streaming. Digital world is the rhythm of life that integrates your life with all the experience and professionalism of C-SGN, Digital Signage, Totem, Kiosk, Digital Information Display in the field of software - the first hardware solution that offers innovative technology.





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FreezeTec 12 Heating cable . Thermostat
FreezeTec 12 Heating cable . Thermostat
Price excl. VAT:€33.17
Price inc. VAT:€39.14
Raychem JB-SB-26 Support Bracket
Raychem JB-SB-26 Support Bracket
Price excl. VAT:€66.00
Price inc. VAT:€77.88

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