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FOSC-500B Additional Fiber Optic Inline Box

They are used in the outside plant network. They are cold-applied, reusable systems, housing mass splicing trays and cable attachment units.

They are typically used for repair, tap-off (taut sheath) and in-line splice applications.

The wrap-around thermoplastic body consists of two half shells which are sealed with an O-ring system. Inside, a metal basket houses cable attachment units and FOSC splicing trays. They can be provided with different types of splice holders. Cut-to-fit axial pull tapes provide mechanical cable retention.


FOSC-500B Features: 

  • In-line thermplastic closure
  • Two cable ports on one side, four on the other
  • Cable sealing based on gel tape technology
  • Easy re-entry and re-closure
  • Compatible with most cable types (single fiber or ribbon) and cable construction (loose tube, central core, slotted core, modular)


Number of Splice Trays:2
Capacity (or type) of Splice Tray:48
Splice Capacity of each Organizer Tray:24
FOSC-500B_Datasheet [PDF, 3.08 MB]
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