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Fiber Optic Products

SAMM Technology's comprehensive directory features a wide range of fiber optic equipment for all types of applications of fiber optic networks with a wide range of equipment like cables, test and measures equipment, joint closures, cable ducts systems, fusion splicers.


Rack Shelf Types (55)

Fiber optic shelves & splitter boxes

Termination Boxes (37)

Wall Mounting Type Fiber Optic Termination Box. Designed for fiber optic termination on wall applications. ST, SC LC options available. Lockable front door.

Hand Tools & Kits (43)

Tools for the Fiber Optic and Telecom industries: wire cutters, hand and thermal strippers and slitters for all types of small wire, cable and fiber optic cable as well as manual and hand wrapping and unwrapping tools. Our tools feature quality precision, engineered products, assuring clean and accurate strips and wraps.

Cabinets (ODF) (8)

Fiber optic rack cabinets to protect and manage fiber optic cables in outdoor applications. These -optical distribution frame- fiber optic cabinets are weather-proof outdoor cabinet.

Cables (28)

Pre-assembled, ready to connect: Fiber optic assemblies and cable systems for reliable data transmission

Pigtail and Patchcord (18)

Fiber Patch Cord (Fiber Patch Cable or Fiber jumper) is an fiber cable that has fiber connectors installed on one or both ends. General use of these cable assemblies includes the interconnection of fiber cable systems and optics-to-electronic equipment.

If the fiber connectors are attached to only one end of a cable, it is known as a fiber pigtail, if the fiber connectors are attached to both ends, it is known as a fiber jumper or fiber patch cord.

Splitters (6)

The Fiber Optic Splitter, also named beam splitter, is based on a quartz substrate of integrated waveguide optical power distribution device, the same as coaxial cable transmission system, The optical network system also needs to be an optical signal coupled to the branch distribution, which requires the fiber optic splitter, Is one of the most important passive devices in the optical fiber link, is optical fiber tandem device with many input terminals and many output terminals, Especially applicable to a passive optical network (EPON, GPON, BPON, FTTX, FTTH etc.) to connect the MDF and the terminal equipment and to achieve the branching of the optical signal.


According to the Fiber Optic Splitter principle, it can be divided into FBT Splitter and PLC Splitter. 


Splitting Ratio principle

  • FBT SPLITTER makes two (two or more) fibers removed the coating layer gather in a certain way, stretched to both sides under the heating zone at the same time, form a double cone’s special waveguide structure finally for getting a different splitting ratio via controlling length of the fiber torsion angle and stretch
  • PLC SPLITTER is a micro-optical element using photolithographic techniques to form optical waveguide at medium or semiconductor substrate for realizing branch distribution function


Technical Index

  • FBT SPLITTER: Operating wavelength, Operating bandwidth, typical additional loss, insertion loss, polarization dependent loss, uniformity and directivity and splitting ratio
  • PLC SPLITTER: Operating wavelength, insertion loss, uniformity, return loss and polarization dependent loss

Compact cable systems (21)

Pre-assembled, ready to connect: Fiber optic assemblies and cable systems from HUBER+SUHNER guarantee the rapid and safe installation of reliable connections – even in the field. These solutions are used for a range of different indoor and outdoor applications.


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New Products

micor:bit Inventor’s Kit

micor:bit Inventor’s Kit

Price excl. VAT:$38.22
Price inc. VAT:$45.10
MI:Power Mountable micro:bit Case

MI:Pro Mountable micro:bit Case

Price excl. VAT:$8.21
Price inc. VAT:$9.69
Multilan 24 Ports CAT.5e Patch Panel

Multilan 24 Ports CAT.5e Patch Panel

Price excl. VAT:$0.00
Price inc. VAT:$0.00
CMX Outdoor CAT.5e U/UTP Data Cable

CMX Outdoor CAT.5e U/UTP Data Cable

Price excl. VAT:$0.00
Price inc. VAT:$0.00
micro:bit Prototyping System

micro:bit Prototyping System

Price excl. VAT:$25.20
Price inc. VAT:$29.73

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