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Raspberry Pi 2 Electronic Set



a Raspberry Pi  ve Zero book set has all what you need to start learning and benefiting from Raspberry Pi
The set parts have been specially chosen by the auther himself.


Set contents;


     Raspberry Pi 2 ve Zero - Güray Yıldırım /Tukish Book/
     Raspberry Pi 2
     Pre-loaded 8GB Class 10 SD Card
     Raspberry Pi Power Adapter
     Raspberry Pi Case
     Ethernet Kablosu
     HDMI Kablosu
     40 Female-Male tagged Rasperry Pi Jumper Cables
     Breadboard Power Card
     65 Male-Male Jumper Cables
     40 Female-Female Jumper Cables
     Ultrasonik Sensor - HC-SR04
     2pc 5MM Green Led 
     2pc 5MM Yellow Led
     2pc 5MM Red Led
     2pc 5MM White Led
     1pc 5MM RGB Led
     2pc 6mm Bottons
     5pc 10Kohm Resistors
      5pc 220Ohm Resistors
     10K Potentiometer
     Servo Motor
     9'' Clear Tool Box
     Tower Pro SG90 RC Mini Servo Motor
     28 BYJ-48 Step Motor With ULN2003A Step Motor Driver Card


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9 £9.19£82.74

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