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OptiBox4 For Single or Small Multi Dwelling Units - Indoor usage

  • Straightforward mounting splicing and patching box, consisting of base, fiber tray and cover
  • Detachable fiber management tray (fiber inlay)
  • Up to 4 adapters in SC shape (LC, LX.5, SC, E-2000™)
  • Adapters/connectors can be mounted inside or outside of the enclosure
  • Storage of uncut fibers
  • Splice cassettes in single element technology
  • Special storage position for unused fibers
  • Two different levels sharing up to 12 splices
  • 1 cable entry, 4 cable exit of which one is bending radius protected through the enclosure
  • Outside cable entries and exit are sealed with hinged half- shell cable grommets
  • Key lockable cover is individually lead sealable
  • Telekom (Service)- and user area are dividable and sealable
  • UV radiation resistant housing
  • Enclosure impermeability matches the requirement of moderate outdoor applications (IP54)
Optibox4_Datasheet [PDF, 365.45 KB]

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