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T2 Quicknet90 + Thermostat TC-NRG

T2Quicknet 90 W/m2 energy-efficient Underfloor Heating mat + Thermostat TC-NGR

Self-adhesive, 3 mm thick underfloor heating mat for direct installation under ceramic tiles or natural stone.


T2QuickNet is a low profile floor heating mat that has the heating cable woven onto an adhesive backed fiberglass mesh that allows for simple and faster roll-out installation, 

T2QuickNet 90 is sold as complete pack consisting of a pre-terminated floor heating cable installed on a fiber glass mat and a

T2QuickNet 90 is the ideal floor heating system to increase the comfort at home and in the office as well as in your showroom or
entrance hall.

  • Only 3 mm thick!
  • One cold lead (dual wire system)
  • Ideal as direct underfloor heating for embedding in tile adhesive or filler underneath the top floor
  • Maximum construction height including tiles is 15 mm
  • Voltage 230 V
  • Max. Exposure Temperature 90°C
  • Min. Installation Temperature +5°C
  • Heating cable Flouropolymer
  • Cold lead 1x 2,5 m cold lead; Cross section 3 x 1,0 mm2
  • Mat Self adhering fiber glass mat
  • Wet room Approved; ELCB required
  • Circuit breaker 13 A with max heating mat surface till 33 m2
  • Approvals VDE, SEMKO, CE​


  • Living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, children’s rooms
  • Top floor: Tiles, natural stone (max. 30 mm thick)
  • Sub floor: Cement screed, anhydrite screed, wooden floor*, Gypsum board, timber floor board


The design phase

  • Ideal heating system during early autumn or spring time as well as the perfect complementary heating system (for example in bathroom as additional heating to a towel dryer)
  • Extremely low installation height ca. 3 mm
  • Ideal for renovation
  • Can be used in shower areas
  • Compatible with all stable subfloors e.g. concrete, anhydrite, plaster, ceramic subfloor


The installation phase

  • Fast and easy due to self adhering mat
  • Due to the low profile no issue with heights of existing doors neither with floor level of existing stairs
  • Due to the dual conductor cable only one cold lead connection which enables easy lay-out and installation of the mats
  • Several heating mat sizes


Subfloor Preparation


The subfloor should be clean, stable and rigid, without cracks or adhesion-reducing substances. Large cracks in the subfloor should be filled prior to laying the mat.

Uneven surfaces will need to be levelled prior to installation. With cement plaster and anhydrite plaster, one should ensure that the substance has dried sufficiently according to the applicable norms. Anhydrite plaster should be smoothened and dust free. With quickly solidifying plaster, one should follow the suppliers instructions.
The heating cable should not be installed under bath tubs, shower cabins, surface covering furniture, etc.
The heating cable should not be installed where holes will be drilled in the floor.

Applicable norms, rules and data sheets as well as instructions and manuals are to be followed!


Installation Instruction


T2QuickNet-90 is positioned on the subfloor according to a lay-out plan. The Quicknet cold lead is inserted in a flexible tubing and connected to the connection box. The thermostat sensor, which is also protected in a flexible tubing, is positioned centrally between two heating cable runs.
A filler layer is applied on top of the heating mat. In wet rooms an extra wet room barrier should be applied on top of the normal filler. The tiles can be placed on top of the hardened filler material.

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