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SC MM Field Termination Connector


Spliceless termination for long term reliable performance

  • Quick termination process in 90 seconds, no set-up time
  • Termination with “just two hands”, even in unfriendly working conditions
  • Termination of 0.9 mm tubes and ruggedized cables
  • Reliability and durability equal to factory termination
  • Termination processes adapted to all fiber types and performance levels, including angled physical contact (APC)



  • Fiber-to-the-desk / fiber-to-the-office installations
  • Fiber-to-the-home installations
  • CATV networks
  • Repair and maintenance of all kind networks
  • Temporary joints in mobile point to point connections
  • Joints inside industrial connectors

New Products

Asus tinker board

Asus tinker board

Price excl. VAT:£53.20
Price inc. VAT:£62.78
Zaxe Filament PLA Transparent

Zaxe Filament PLA Transparent

Price excl. VAT:£39.94
Price inc. VAT:£47.13
Zaxe Filament PLA Glossy Green

Zaxe Filament PLA Glossy Green

Price excl. VAT:£28.07
Price inc. VAT:£33.12


Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3

Price excl. VAT:£29.79
Price inc. VAT:£35.16
Raspberry Pi 3 Power Adapter

Raspberry Pi 3 Power Adapter

Price excl. VAT:£7.70
Price inc. VAT:£9.08
Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless

Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless

Price excl. VAT:£14.47
Price inc. VAT:£17.07

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