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F-HP3-60-P4 Fiber Inspection-Tester-Cleaning Tools

Key Features:

  • Inspects both sides of fiber interconnect, and accurately tests and measures optical power with one device
  • Integrated functions and features eliminate switching between multiple devices
  • Input for FBP series probe microscope and a dedicated patch cord microscope (PCM) let users quickly and easily inspect both sides fiber interconnects
  • Integrated PCM eliminates need for changing inspection tips, prevents misrouting, and protects patch cords
  • Compact TFT LCD to view clear, crisp, detailed images of fiber end faces with optimal resolution
  • Auto-shutoff after 5 minutes of inactivity or permanent ON capability
  • Integrated power meter (OLP-6/OLP-8) for all singlemode and multimode applications, such as LAN, telecom, CATV, and DWDM testing
  • Modulation frequency detection lets users identify individual fibers at specific tones
  • Three-year calibration period
  • Automatic wavelength detection (with JDSU optical light source)

HP3-**-P4 Specifications



162 x 114 x 42 mm (6.4 x 4.5 x 1.7 in)


352 g (12.4 oz) with six AA alkaline batteries

Video display

50.8 mm (2.0-in) TFT LCD


4-pin Hirose™ input for FBP probes

Power source

AC power adapter (100–240 VAC/12V DC); 6 AA batteries or rechargeable battery pack

Power mode

ON (continuous on); OFF

Run time

~5.5 hours (continuous on)

Auto-shut off time

Auto-shutoff after 5 minutes of inactivity

Horizontal field-of-view (FOV)

550 μm @ 200X

350 μm @ 400X

JDSU hp3-60-p4 [PDF, 1.17 MB]

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