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Fiber Optic Fusion Splice Protector Sleeves 60mm 60mm SMOUV

  • Protects fusion splices
  • Fits into most splice holders
  • Quick shrink-down time


SMOUV 1120 splice protector sleeves provide mechanical and environmental protection for fusion splices of single and ribbonized fiber.Sleeves are compatible with the full range of Tyco Electronics fiber management systems and organizers.


The SMOUV 1120 sleeve consists of: 

  • Clear outer heat-shrink material
  • Low temperature hot-melt adhesive to encapsulate the splice
  • Stainless steel rod for single fiber splices and a ceramic rod for ribbonized fiber splices to ensure proper alignment and rigidity

SMOUV 1120 sleeves for single fibers are ideal for protecting single fusion splices of primary and secondary tight or semi-tight coated fibers.

SMOUV 1120 sleeves for multiple fibers are ideal for protecting mass fusion splices of ribbons with two to twelve fibers.



SMOUV-1120-02-US [PDF, 226.03 KB]

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