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Raspberry Pi B+ Mini Kit

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started with your Raspberry Pi in as little time as possible! We've carefully compatibility tested all components, and only selected the very best manufacturer guaranteed, high quality parts available! You won't find a better kit at a better price. 


This kit does NOT contain a mouse or keyboard. If you do require one, check out our Supreme and Ultimate Raspberry Pi Set Up Kits, which come complete with a selection of input, networking and expansion peripherals!


Raspberry Pi Mini Kit Includes:

       Raspberry Pi Model B+ - 512 Mb New Model July 2014. 

       Raspberry Pi Case - Transparent (for B+ model)

       Pre-loaded MicroSD Card - 8GB Sandisk MicroSD Class 10 wwith Raspbian OS preloaded

       Power Supply - 5V, 1.2A Standard for EU

       Video Cable - HDMI 1.5m.


Set Up Kit Key

       Includes Raspberry Pi

       Starter Kit

       Supreme Kit

       Ultimate Kit

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Raspberry Pi  Transparent Box

Raspberry Pi Transparent Box

Raspberry Pi TRANSPARENT Case Box Enclosure only for the new Raspberry Pi 2 model (also compatible with B+)

  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi model 2 and model B+
  • 2-piece Case Snaps Together Easily
  • Allow Easy access to Power, Audio/Video, 4 USB ports, Ethernet Port and Micro SD card
Price excl. VAT:£5.57
Price inc. VAT:£6.57
Out of stock
Micro Sandisk 8GB Class 10 Preloaded

Micro Sandisk 8GB Class 10 Preloaded

MicroSD Sandisk 8GB Class 10 Ultra® SDHC™ Card

Always running out of memory? Need additional cards?
The SanDisk Ultra SDHC Memory Card is an ideal storage option for your Blackberry Pi.

Price excl. VAT:£5.30
Price inc. VAT:£6.26
Power Adapter for Raspberry Pi MicroUSB

Power Adapter for Raspberry Pi MicroUSB

Micro USB 5V 1 Output Power Adapter Plug In Power Supply, 2A, 10W, Interchangeable


Price excl. VAT:£7.16
Price inc. VAT:£8.45
HDMI Cable 1,5 m

HDMI Cable 1,5 m

HDMI TO HDMI Cable 1.5 m

Price excl. VAT:£3.45
Price inc. VAT:£4.07

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